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June 12, 2012, I accompanied a friend to a service in Fiskdale, MA that was overseen by Fr. Ralph A. DiOrio and his
Apostolate of Divine Mercy and healing.    (prayer request website page)
I came with my friend who is suffering from severe shingles and carple tunnel as well as many other things.
Fr. Ralph asked all who had hearing problems to stand up, and my friend and I did so. He asked us to put our fingers in our ears & we did so asa he prayed for us and commanded evil to depart..
While he was praying I heard a rustling in my ears. When he said to take our fingers out I did so and noticed the noisy fans and the sound of the air being pushed down on us.
While I was amazed at how noisy they were he asked those who had experienced a change to come forward and I did. While waiting there to be called upon to say what happened a telephone rang in a room some distance away from where at the St. Joachim Chapel. As te service continued I was astounded at how loud the public address system was and impressed to pray for Debbie Whitmare who has been diagnosed as having colon cancer. Please also pray for Debbie and her friend Amy who has been diagnosed as having pancreatic cancer. I did so and could hear all the noises around that I had been so blissfully ignorant of when I had been so hard of hearing in both ears. I continue to hear the noisy fans and such of the city and now desire more than ever to return to the quite of the countryside, at least for the summer months of the year. It is my intention to ask my doctor to authorize a test to see what my hearing is now.
But as far as I can ascertain, at a time between 1 and 3PM on June 12th of 2012 God restored my hearing.
Now I need to seek God's direction to deal with all these sounds and voices I have so blissfully not heard in the past. Glory be to God.
Services there are scheduled on Tuesdays at St. Joachim's Chapel there for July 10 & 31, September 4, October 2, November 27 and December 11 and 18 of 2012 from Noon to 3PM.
Sunday Services are held at 2-5PM. on August 12 & 26, September 9 and November 4. Peoople are asked to call Mon-Thur. from 10AM to 4PM at (508) 832-7890 to reserve a seat.
Fr. DiOrio does not heal anyone. He just facilitates the service where we focus upon God and become willing to receive what God has for us as we are willing to follow Him.

Hearing seems to have gotten worse, of of July15, 2012; but that may just be because I did not want to hear the negative stuff I suddenly was hearing.
I am much happier now, NOT hearing some of the stuff people are saying.
   Father DiOrios's comments on Spiritual Growth.    

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This website will cease to be updated weekly, as of Tuesday, May 05, 2013
There will be no new content added after that Pacha, just corrections and text links.

Contact Charlie at his college email at;
to see what communications website he might be using after the end of 2013 !!!

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No damage to my apartment June 1 or the Micro burst later nor snow damage in Oct 29-30th storm a few years back.     
      Click here for map of the Damage showing the locations of the 515 housing units lost in Springfield, MA, alone info. relating to the June and July weather disasters.
Emergency services ceased for the Spring/Summer events and your prayers and help are still needed more than ever as people attempted get back to "normal" after the heavy wet snow storm hit much of the state with extensive tree damage. Weeks after the storm, many people were still without electricity.   Please pray for the elderly & infirmed. And give thanks for the electrical crews that came from as far as the states and the outer borders of our country to help us receive power.

Thanks also for the emergency food stamps that were available for people who had lost all their food because of the electricity outage.

   charlie in front of and bounded by the four western counties of massachusetts and a link aboaut the storm   

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          leaf and green background with the words reflux remedy in white letters and a link t a page hyping a cure to acid reflux uisg things you have i your kitchen      

   a box with a check mare in it and the words "The Power is Yours" and a link for anyone to find out where they vote in Massachusetts by their address.       

     Revit Kid      

         Two hand being tortured and the link to the Voyce of the Martyrs website that calls attention to the Christians being persicuted all over the world, NOW !        
      Prayer requests are located in a page found by clicking on the "calling card" seen below.        

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We have not had a constitutional President for 4 years and now we go another 4 without one.
The next time we get a chance to vote will be November 1, 2016, if you live that long.
See the countdown clock above the count down to this Christmas and remember to daily pray for our nation.
The self-important greedy coalition has won the vote, the black people have lost, the very young and very old have their days numbered.
The office of the President and the Vice President of this nation are devoid of Patriots for another 4 years.    Get right with God.     The end is near!


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           Smiling face in the sky made by jet exhust maybe and link to a you tube video and nice music called "Conqurining Paridise"  Conquest of Paradis is teh song by Vanelis and the image for this link to the you tube video is a drop of water bouncing off of some other water sunrise on the ocean and Vangelis' "Conquest of Paradise" sung by Dana Winner and with Spanish Subtitles in the linked you tube video  A happy child's face and a link to another image setting for Dana Winners rendition of "Conquest of Paradise" by Vangelis on you tube.   orange sun-light throught clounds in an orage sky and a link to Dana Winner singing Vangelis's "Conquest of Paradise"  on you tube couple on a beach with a seagul flying by and a link to a version of "Conquest of paradise: by Vangelis sung as a you tube video by Dana Winner. Sun over carbean wates and Vangelis;' "Conquest of Paradise" in a linked you tube video with the lyrics sung by Dana Winners and Spanish subtitles a deaf school person signs as Dana Winners sings "Let the Children have a World" and a llink to that you tube video  Dana Winner sings westenwind on a you tube video and this is an image form that video and link to it  Dana Winner in Norway sings of Fields of Godl on a linked you tube video   Dana Winner singing "Put on your White Sombrero" in a you tube link ,  Dana Winner sings of Summer   dana Winnrs singing "the Sounds of Silence" on a you tube link and this is aan image of her doing that   Dana Winner sings some of hits on a you tube video  Dana Winner sings some Carpenters songs on you tube and a link to that video as this image comes from that video  Dana Winners and how she looked during the Songfest Medly on you tube and a link to that video 
 The univers, space, and a link to a version of veragles's conquest of paridise, beautiful music   Dana winner sings "moring has broken" an image of her and a link to that you tube video    . piano fingers playing "Conquest of Paradis" by Vangelis and a link to that you tube video rendition .         

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the 545 people

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        American Apocalypse         
    Who owns us?               Government overboard !           
     islamic war?        A physician who is speaking for stansberry research tells of how the government is stealing our retirement money and a link to that page where this video is         TV - 1941   TV History      
                   The United States !                  

       Image of Judge Judy and a link to a story about a many who got money for rent form the government but did not pay it.     American Family Association logo and a link to a website that shows our National Debt in real time and how much each one of us owes, because of Government borrowing     AMAC logo and a link to a page to join or find out about this conservative group to fight for the needs of older  americans.     
     "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray..."      

                 View  of Homestead in New Maarlborough without  Dads side and with new additions and porches and link to a PDF of those plans   view of plans to use old house porches in new dwelling space and link to a pdf of those plans        G

             eConstruction Certification Institute's Seal and a link to that website and codes one can buy BYoung girl running to embrace her soldier father with a small us flag in her right hand and a link to a video about how the military personell need our support.  The video was made by a 15 year old.   Image of a man with a cowboy hat and hand over chest talking of the pledge of alegience and a link to his talk about a stand against people that are ashamed of the us. | a view of a nice small home and a link to the City of Springfield's July 19th Auction Site to show all the properties, but not the land only, run by Flynn Auctions  166 Laurelton Street Springfield, MA.  A nice house and a link to a web page with more information about it    house at 27 Mary St, Springfield, and al ink to a pdf that tells of this auction |  Red biplane in the sky and a link to an advertisement for a studio that shows aviation themed video as a sample of their work   Woman crying over a US flag draped casket, and a link to a moving video created by a 15 year old about how much our service personell need your letters of support and encouragement   State Fire Dept. Sheild and a link to now rules for smoke detectors               
                July 2011 Auction Results    Mortgage Calc     city of Springfield, MA auction  |   cek-map               
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Thanks for the help to help people find jobs from contact Bill Knaus at

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        Man with face on towel and stomach on pillow raising left arm and right leg and link to a pdf of the first set of exercises from Weldon Rehab 06-27-2011    Springfield Technical Community College Banner and link to a pdf of the teme laps and walker sign up sheet    Chart-RR    judge Rosenberg and a linke to a video abaout Rosenburges Rules   Roberts Rules of Order Logo and link to that website    Black R on a yllow background and an link to a website about Roberts Rules of order and Parlimentary procedures    Roberts Rules of Order, 10th Edition, is displayed and a linek to Amazon where you can buy a copy   A booklet by Channeing Bete that showns how Parliamentary Procecue should be done and a link to a booklet you can obtain to help run meetings    RR-PDF     Rooster weather vaine and link to theme laps for 2011 Hampsire Relay fo Lif    American CAncer Society Relay-for-Life logo and link to charlies donation page ci         
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    World mapwith the countries wehere OddFellow lodges are foun superimposed and a link to a set of video slides about the oddfellows in that country Map of the world with the countries in which OddFellowship has lodges skperimposed on it and a link to a You Tube video aboaut the same.Three links of OddFellowship with the Letters F, L, and T inside indivisual links and a connection to the Sovereign Grand Lodge website.Hungry girl on a brkoom for a Halloween epison and link to the sameLink to a vido abouat oddfellows  
      HIST   sl  E   Oddfellows banner and a link to a video about them today.   Sovereign-Grand-Master George Glover is greetdd by a sign in the philippines and link to that video   Our Soveriegn Grand Master, George Gloverm, in the Philippines honoring achievements with link to this short video and heavy metal music  V    oddfellows three links with date of establishment and a link to a video abut them rp   c   
  cc     dtt
     Yankee Homecoming Parade 2010     
        The Grange (Order of Patrons of Husbandry) Subordinate and general logo and link to the Connecticut Grange page about its founders.      

     MASQUESATCH Road, Westport, MA    (Town Website) [ Property Viewed]
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         US Marine logo with revolving globe and link to a wibsite commemorating the raiseing of the US flag over Iwo Jima   ape and african soldier and an AK47 don't mix, ape seen with gun and link to you tube video of this     Saoldier as he was in WW2 and link to video of his downed plane being rescued by us sub, film just surfaed many years after it was taken and is played on a Denver TV station and this is a link to that video.         

        Seal of the United States Council on the prevention and elimination of Homlessness    Book called opening doors by the interangency council on prevention and elimination of homeless ness in the United States of America    President Reagan with flag in backgournd and you tube linked story about american freedoms     Star-spangeld-b anner-in Keys handwriting   American bald eagle in front of the flag of the USA with link to a you tube message to Pres. Obama  painitng depictin the signing of the constitution and a you tube link to a video about the consitution   President Reagan pointing a finger at us and a link to a You Tube video of his words about socialism   Drawing of World War II Memoiral in Washington, DC and link to a video about it.  When it opens, click on the ring of the closed movie scree to start the video.     World War II Memorial in Washinton DC, sheild at entrance and link to the memorial website       Head of the American Bald Eagle and like to a you tube country song about this land called we the people
Obama orders 20 million for Muslim Terrorists to live in USA

The bicycle accident on August 9th, 2009 was   !
 mp  map of the USA showing ardiness zones and links to an interactive website abuot the same from the USDA 
  Seal of the town of New Marlborugh, MA and link to the town website  bcc first -to-fifty logo and link to that page  Berkshire Community College logo of four letter B's arranged to make a design like a flower and link to that college's website   stcc (Springfield Technical Community College) modified logo and link to the college's first or front page  compass drawing a circle and link to the STCC Architecture Club website for 2013-2014 academic year a link to the STCC sticcler  the colleges information "paper" while in a semester  University of Massachusetts at Amherst seal and link  UMass Daily Collegian link and the leters DC from the masthead  SSA University of Connecticut logo form their plant database website and a link to that informative website P  Sheild with an "o" and and "e" in it for the online etemolgy websiite and a link to that page  v  Dictionary online logo and link to that website   merriam-Webster dictionary logo and link to that website  WB  western-mass-network-homeless-chat  an image of a stone from a wall and a link to a page about ending homelessness that has that wall as a background  WMRN  chi-rho  Social Security Administration Seal and the SSA  online login line  noaa   NOAA link to Springfield, MA daily weather graph and an image of such a graph  AD  !
     facebook 'f' in a blue box and link to taht website    Logo for the Valley Interface Macintosh Group showing the state of Massachusetts and a dot for springfield with the Users Group name around it and a link to that website for this Users Group regarding all things Apple.  pastel ward map and link to pdf street map of Springfield, MA   image of springfield wards and link to ward map with link to voting locations  P of H  Grange map of springfield and link to pdf of the same from the 2009 Keep Springfield Beautiful campaign Graphics Image Manipulation Program's artist logo with the letters G and M in the background to stand for Gimp Manual and a link to that online manual.  Newburyport Lodge and Grand Lodge and Rebekah Assembly participants in the Parade August 1st 2010   ioof encampment logo and link to Agawam Encampment # 25's web presence  3links_flt_gold-links  amity lodge 3colored-links and link to home page   Sovereign Grand Lodge seal/logo and link  seal and link to the city of springfield,  MA  Virtual Gateway logo for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and that log-in page   charlie-and-link-to-his-blog-page  PTK   Leffingwell house museum and a link to the website for the Leffingwell Reunion and a link there to the Leffingwell House Museum  and a link to the Leffingwell Reunion website, from there you can link to the Museum     in letters in a box for Linked-In and a link to that website     
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           SofS  Home City Housing kproperty management comampnys logo of a curved window above a door and a link to thier website  Raivile 32 Byers Street Board of Directors yahoo Groups link    female-or-male image and link to larger image   frozen-thermometer and wind chill page link   Holy-trinity-Greekk-Orthodox-Church   Saint George Greek Orthodox Church, Springfield, MA small image and link to that website    Saints Peter and Paul OCA Church building and link to that website  RM   d Antiochian Orthodox Cross and link to Saint Stephens Western Rigte Orthodox Church.  Winged ox with halo the logo of the Saint Luke's Priory Press and link to that  press website   o/e  green celtic cross flower like design   The logo and link to the Antiochian Village Camp website.   combined chrisitan conferrence  house wintering image and links to page     small-cold-thermometer_and-llinkk-to-noaa-inspired-wind-chill-page   VMax logo and link    
   CC   image of date chart with link to page with larger date chart jpeg   Rainville Tenants Union logo and website link   country house  Metal hand-cuffs and link to springfield MA police arrest log page  wes carr's website chat page   National Coalition for the Homeless - logo and link  Image of houses agains a blue sun rising that is the new logo for Home City Housing and a link to their contact page online  B R Y                 stylized tree as the Dollar Tree logo and link to store website   Words "savers" from the savers logo and link to that website  Big Y leters and logo for that store and link to its website  hatched cutting inot coin and lwtters "P" "C" for Price Chopper and a link to that website   stylealized bowl with slices as Stop and Shop logo and link to that website   Ocean State JOb Lot logo square and link to that website  Family Dollar Store chair family logo in a circle and link tot hat websie  Blue dollar sign from the Deals store logo and link to website Big Lots words and logo for that store and link to that website    blue box with greater than symbole in it and link the online giff creator   Image Flip abreviated logo and link to that online image creation programs website  Gif Maker me online gif creator abrivated logo and link to that website     
          White W on red rectangle as Walgreens logo and link to that website  MSWord  -  MEDICATIONS  -  PDF shield with the words rie aid on it and link to that website  CVS letters on red rounded square as logo and link to that website           For Dummies guy in front of text HTML-5 whichis in front of a yellow cirls and a linkt to that only sore for the html5 book   O - M  G. I. M. P. artists logo with a linek to the Ganu or Graphics Image Manipulation Programs tutarial website   Ajr   Two story house with garage and the letters RHAGS for teh Rental Housing Asssociation of Greather Springfield, MAss and a link to that website  Rlaw   ballot box and link to massachusetts websit to check your voting status     
 congressman-ron-paul_primay-candidate-for-president--2008   dead bodies of jews at nazi concentration camp after liberated by allies and link to blog with original video   picture of massachusetts in back of the national GRANGE logo and alink to the Massachusetts State Grange   firfox logo in a apple monitor and link to firefoox personas and other extras page    Bo Vertrano and his website to help us learn    right-to-Work_logo and link to homepage   mc  48thsquadronAssociation_Walt-Disney-Studios-inspired-logo_and-link-to-the-association  FreWebHost   kde-konquer homepag loga and link     Forced-uionism and link to the hul where this intereview can be heard    time-meeting logo and link to a world clock time page   Jewish star and link to site about holaost facts    GoDaddy Domain name logoa and link     
  A picture of a yellow pipe and a link to the presentation of a webpage in that name of software to show how it would look in a text-only browser such as Lynx   image of charlie in 2008 Arthritis Walk and link to his donations page for the 2010 Western Mass. Arthritis Walk   You belong with me video's image of the i-love-you sign romantic image and link to video  sx  Bicycle-circus-image and unique girls act link   w    NOFA Summer Conference  hg    Leonard Sly, otherwise known as Roy Rodgers and a link to a video about old westerns      natinal-grid     Ancient Faith Radio      Adobe Reader       OpenOffice  Suite     H?     Bible-and-money and link to accountability page    arian girl       Relay-for-Life_2009        Arthritis-walk       Time in Massachusetts_from-Greenwich-Mean-time-computer   IOOH letters on the back of a shirt -- and a link to a you tube piec about the order  RL  rent-check and link to same in a doc file      
               Cathedral of the Pines altar and link to services     Anna-Shea and a link to a video aboaut making chocolate with an rv trailer at first charlie knight at the 2008 Relay and a link to his page as a STCC stompers member in this relay   a small square with the letter "d" in it and a link to the delorie website to check your webpages in a virtual emulator like lynx would show    two dishes of food in a busy resturant and the humours you-tube video about it            image is of an icon of Jesus in Mary's arms and the link is to the Antiochian ArchDiosces website pages for the Western Rite   White Maltise Cross on Red Circle and link to the Western Right Scriptures for the Day   imae of the cover of the 2011 catalog of St. Luk's Prory Press and a link to that pdf catalog   red rectangle with a maltise cross and the words CREDO magazine and a link to that website   shit cross on feaherd red circle and a white square background and a link tothe Western Rite Vicorate Church Directory webpage    Image is an Icon of Saints Cyrl and Methodios, Apostals to the Slavs, and a link to the webpage about the Western Rite of Orthodoxy and its History  e.h. Posthumus bnd image of a man looking over his shoulder (at an angel) and a link to the you tube video of the song Antissa by performed by that group   image is of the head of a girl in a pole dance website that eveentually gets xxx and nude, but I have it here for the music.  Don't know how to just make a link to this music only.  an image of a brunett upside down on a pole and a link to pole dancing information website.  Sins of the pole is what the o.t.p. stans for and this pink image will also get you to a website that sings music for free pole dance music  white letters spelling "" on a two tone red circle and a link to the radio site playing lap-dance music, on the internet  silowett drawing of a pole dancer in shades of pink and a link to a website about pole dancing and its music   large Lips on the nightclup wall at Pole Waxers University and a link to a you tube presentation by them      
Berkshire-Eagle-Online    ebay-online-auction-link    pvta-bus-link   NPS-CW    links to links   2010      peter-pan-bus  Amtrak Ascella logoa nd link to amtrak scheualing pages     end no-home      Letters "G" and "o" and a link to a short you tube video about some trick with Google Chrome  2   Leters C and F for Census Finder and a link to that website v      NOFA-dec -2010      The image is of a Dover imagee royalty free cd and a link is to the Dover company website for such royalty free graphics, many of them from very old books.   d

   vHo    contact?         CG-oab   pioneer valley Freewheelers logo and link   BkPlan    PVTA Bike Rack picture and link to a video about its usage   image of a folding bicycle in a green oval and a link to the Folding Cyclist website   Mass-Bike logo and link      cycle final-project disani did at hampshire      Berkshire Bikeway logo and link      Portland-Oregon moving by bicycle image and link     BkClbs    cyclnauts bicycle club link and image of cartoon bicycle rider  pp  a man in a bicycle helmet and a story on you tube about the necessity of wearing one  OUCH   
       Amzon-dot-come_ni_ck    Springfield_Republican_Mass-live_online     sitepoints_Javascript-live__ceknight_new-normal  the fre dictioanlry logoa and link  gqp   ubuntu graphic announcing version 9.0 and link to site to download ubuntu a free linux operating system  qp    Republican proposal for healthcare and irs  t  m  broken-medical-symbo_and-link-to-health-care-reform-page  TW i image of Adolf Hitler and link to video called "Triumph of the Will . TotW ! 140s eagal and link to amercan video as to why they enterd the world war II  OS of the new world ordr click in center for one You Tube on the outside for anther  OS  apple logo and a link to the page to go to a video about the apple solution to its antenna problem in the iphon4     
              GNC on-the-go electric blendr and its box wth a link to you tube infomercial about this blender     Logo for the GNC blender bottle and a link to that website    a review of the GNC blender bottle with girl holding up the bottle and a link to the you tube review of that blender bottle  Blender Girl with blond hair and a blender with a link to the blend it site about blenders and giving recipies. Bella Cusine Rocket Blender image iwth fruits and accessortis and a link to a website review of this blender including a video demonstration from you tube   Magic Bullet logo and a link to a you tube video of a channel 5 review of this product  Magic bullet infomercial on you tube is linked to this image of the original magic bullet blender     View of a Magic Bullet on a counter top and link to the second part of a magic bullet infomerical on you tube    Info NOT mercial  girl and a review of the magic bullet machine image and link to you tube video review of this product   Magic bullet to-go image and link to infomercial on you tube about it   Magic Bullet to go set and second half of infomercial on you tube         
        Human Slavery Today !      STCC Cons.Info      
       Velikovsky    2012 countdown?    woman in front of old pillrs and a link to the horst wessel song in english    Truth behind the scenes?    Mr. Quantum a cartoon character with a link to a doubble slit quantum physics experiment on you tube   Who is creating your reality?   Lense through which flags of the world are seen and a link to a website about various nations  year 2011 earthquakes      Swastika crated by 4 bard of white invading a blad swaure and a link to a website about the swastika    Swastika in Ancient Science    His Chan AA      
          Red-Green         Dancing         Carol-Burnett              
          German Aviation Home Movie WWII     Saga Interview    Saga Tomorrow Belongs to Me    Ode to a dying People    Racism 1,  2,  3    Brazil-Slavery       
          Blood of Vikings 1,  2,  3,  4,  5BOV-full              
             White Race   Political "Correctness"     Exterminate White People   Origin of Whie People 1, 2    
     Social Darwinism  UFO-secrets  Origins of Civilization - Iraq,    India,   Vedic,  Life,  Devil's Bible                 

Az Border 2010      Obama, enemy of the people     Newsweek 17Feb1933   No one in Arizona is laughing   Origins of Man?  Aliens, Pyramids, & forbidden archeology               

     Crimnals are armed & dangerous     hotProf     

    Paperless Hymns        
                 ???        2012 - what if there is a pole shift?   15 famous symbols                     

                   sow ancient seeds       ancient farmers of the amazon    neolithic british farmers       
   Stone Age 01    SA-02    SA-03    SA-04   SA-05    SA-06     SA-07    SA-08    SA-09    
  SA-10     SA-11     SA-12     SA-13     SA-14     SA-15       
     Amazing Grace     Fairest Lord Jesus       

           Kate   Argentina    Chicas      Fashion-FTV    .  Paddock girl under an unbrella and a link to more such girls images  .     Miss Bikini       Swimwear    Miss Italia   BB-sw      

       prost       Soviet bombers            

      Dark Ages 01    DA-02    DA-03    DA-04    DA-05    DA-06    DA-07    DA-08     DA-09     DA-10      
   Mother of nero stone statue head and link to you tube video on evil people   A freeze of lustful nero and link to part 2 of this you tube video series   Christians being killed by Nero and link to the third part in this you tube video series                 Statue of Caligula and link to you tube video abut him   The dark side of caligula by a play of light and shadow on his statue and link to 2nd part in this series of you tube videos    Caligula brooding and getting the senat to resume treason trials and link to part 3 of the you tube series about this evil man               Atilla the Hun image from a drawing and a link to the you tube most evil men in history series about him   Atila the Hun caracature and link to the secon part of this you tube series on Atilla as one of the most evil men in history           Ivan the terrible in a painting and a link to the you tube series about evil men devoted to him   Ivan the terrible and a link to the third you tube video in this series of him as one of the most evil men in history   

            Th eye of Vlad the Impailer and link to part 1 of the you tube series the mot evil men in history about him      Vlad the impailer and a link to a second part in the you tube series on the most evil men in history part 2              Countess Dracula and a link to her story in a you tube video series on the most evil women in history     countess dracula and a link to part 2 of this story in the you tube series of videos on the most evil women in history             Stalin and a link to the first you tube video about him in the series the most evil men in history   Stalin and a link to his you tube video, second part, in the series about the most evil men in history    Stalin as a cult person and link to the third pard in a you tube video on his part as the most evil men in history         
               Mary daughter of Ann Boulin and link to the first in three parts of the you tube videos on her in the series the most evil women in history    Mary tudor, bloody mary, and a link to a 2nd of three parts in a you tube video  series abut her, a part of the seires called the most evil women in history    Mary tudor, bloody mary, and a link to the third part in the Most Evil Women in History series about her on you tube                 

        Bismarck Gold?     car-deer !     !Wale conservancy logo and link to the saving of one young whale   HEMP      tongue dancing      

         vimanika   vmk1  vmk2     N-attack   Fallen Angels  IntAccPPCal     PerPetCal    DoL    05-21-2011    CNN    X      
     Aurora Project   FormerArea_51_employee      Aliens-are-Demons    AlienDisclosure-2011  Russian-UFO?        

       worthless point-and-shoot cameras      M  Mr  Mb Mi  Mx      Pmr  Ps-vma  Psl  Pa   Ppdlm  Pss  Psr  Pbio   Pgia    

       Worthless TM "scientists"?        Soma and the "gods"?      T.M."Secrets"?    "puga"!      TranceNet     TM documents                     

      airplane and radar and a link to a you tube video on the top ranking 10 air force units by nation in the world   chinese advanced air craft and link to a you tube video about it        

Roosevelt's warning        This could have happened?      And also this!   Another film about what if Hitler had won?   Hokey but possible   Auschwitz not a killing place?   
     Normal story-about hitler (party line statements)       Another view of  Auschwitz-Part 1 | Auschwitz-Part 2 | Auschwitz-Part 3
   Did 6 mil. Jews really die?   1933 by Deb. Norvel  
        More on "Did 6 Million Jews really die?"   Hoax-or-not?    1/3 might not have happened   Buchenwald, not true?   Phil Donahue    Auschwitz?   Shrunken Heads?   boy?   

         Hitler-suicide?   Hitler died in 1993?     Hollow earth?   Hitler not dead ?  More on Hitler's non-death   Antarctica - a Nazi base?   Operation Highjump and Admiral Byrd  Not Dead? 
             Hitler alive in 1978?    Nazis and Hollow Earth!   Another Hollow Earth?                          
                  Neuschwabenland Archives ?                      


holow earth on black


    image of antartica and a link to the untold war in antartica supposedly by this you tube video the US has been fighting since 2003  Amiral Byrd's plan in the tow of nazi type ufo  Antarctidca FOR PEACE image of antartica and link to you tube video.            Admiral Byrd and the first of 5 stories about antartica on you tube is linked to.  one of Admiral Byrd's ships in operation high jump and a link to a second you tube artice about this.  Raising of US flage over "Little America 5" and a linke to the you tube video aboaut this  Admirl Byrd's plane comes in, 3 hours late, and a link to the you tube about this  Russian news persdon and the last section of this US military you tube item produced to hide what was found at operation high jump in 1947.      operation high-jump patch and link to you tube recetation of some of supposedly Admirel Byrds diary    
        image showing hole at north pole and link to You Tube video about the hollow earth theory  underground citiy carved in rock in turkey  Southwestern scean where artivacts have been froma nother worls and you tube link to that video  image of a center to the earth orange with a dark center and a link to the you tube video about that.       a book's image of a hollow earth and a link to a you tube about stories about a hollow earth       a drawin of a hollow earth and a link to some you tube videos about that premise      hollow earth and opening as seen from space craft and a link to the you tube video of a radio program about this topic   Thule society image of a meeting an link to a you tube video about this and Elohim  space craft and secon  hal of Elohim videos on you tube   

        images of ufo and boats and a link to utube about them and the hidden secret  waves and a link to you tube about the hollow earth russioan-speaking news castress and the planit nibruand a link to you tube aboutr this in russian  hole in the north pole and a link to a you tube video aboaut the hollow earth             Hindu flying machine and link to a you tube section of a History Channel video on Nazis and their Alien encounters    German atom bomb and Victor Shuburger's implosion devise and a link to a you tube video of a History Channel persentation about Hitler's 3rd Reich and power that came from ohters.  image is of the earth radiating energy and an ancient flying devise blueprint sukperimposted over this image and a link to the thire in the you tube spots from the History Channel's PBS broadcast on the subject of Aliens and the third reich         
          The bermuda triangle seen as red over a view of the earth at that area and a link to the first in an ancient alien you tube presentation of a History Channel set of programs  
      flying Volkswagon?       volkswagon Documentary made in the 1950's         How many POWs did Americans kill ?            

          B+W 1934 Congress    again 1934          NSDA party congress nurnberg colour 1938             

         10-bizarre-theiries-and-facts?          surviving the swastika        10 things the National Socialists ... got right         Was Nazi science - good science          

                New  Schwabenland Angel and yo9u Tube thoughts about the nazis and the flying saucers after World War II   allian or human form found at rosell NM  and a link to a website about this question      earth seen from space and a you tube video about ancients form earth from outer space    image for admirl byrd document called alone and video on you tube about the hollow earth theory    imag of planet x and the begining of a 5 part you tube story about this to happen in 2012    haunebu-II german space craft image and araticel online about this    swastika and link to you tube video about the germans and their super machines or did they get help from aliens   nazi swastika on a compas found in a scrp yeat and links to a vieo about this    alexander the great in his diving glass from an old illustration and a link to a website about submarines  an outline like liknes of a human created by the creator of the nueschwabenalnd series of videos about a german land in the antartick and you tube link to that series   artist drawing of a hitler advanced bomber and link to you tube story about Hitlers bomb    
              Egypt pyramids     Egyptian Technologies   Move 3 tons with a single hand?   Egyptian Light Bulb|?    Victor Schauberger    Horrifying   Mars-1945?   300 Million Years Old?    Large Alien skulls in USSR after war    Hitlers Secret Weapns?     Machines of Hitler    Hitler Antartica     Nazi Antaratica     Op Highjump 1     Oper. Highjump 2 audio   Op. highjump 3     Aldebaran Mystery           
    Vortex Energy   Secrets of the 3rd Reich?   Japan's WWII secret weapons    Alien Moon bases?   Chariots of the Gods,movie    Chariots again?   Sea Level rises   Sky Gods - moon?
  Apollo 18 footage?    Gordon Michael Scallion Visions    
      Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age       Quest for Lost Civilizations     Prometheus movie trailer     Olmec story?    No Apocalypse in 2012    Crop Circles    Esoteric Agenda 20121    UFO Antartica       
   Japans WWII super sub plans      Pearl Harbor - Japan's view    Enigma Secret    Pols cracks Enigma     Nazi Secret Weapons     Secret Nazi Aircraft   Hitler Right?   Nat. Socl. as left wing?                
      Drawings of Adolf Hitler in youth and a Discovery you tube about what happened to Hitler.   Nazi parad and a you tube story about the Nazi Economic recovery after World War one.   hitler image in bluish and black like a duotone and image to whimsical but perhaps acurate explanation on you tube of the nazi economy   Adolf Hiter's likness in an oval and a you tube discussion about why we still find him interesting  Hiter in an oval with top and bottom cut off and a link to a you tube story about him as a lunatic or an idealist  Adolf Hitler as seen outside the Bunker in Berlin last days of the war and link to you tube story about history and economics of Hitler, a lecture type talk.  scene of nazi germany in 1939 and link to you tube video in color about that subject          

    Hitler Speach - read the translation    National Socialism Speech   Truth about the thrid Reicht?   BBC about Hiter's Germany  Life in Hitler's Germany   Hitler's Germany part 2  JFK about Hitler     
   UFO-Truth?     How UFO works      Youth in Nazi Germany Part 1     Nazi Youth Part 2     Women in Nazi Era     Nazis and Women   BBC inside mind of A. Hitler      Hitler's secret Weapons   
     Nazi SuperShip     Hitler's planned SuperCity      Hiter's Secrect Science     

Hitler Speeches
     Historical    About International Jewery     First Speech afte gaining power in 1933       A collection of speech portions     To the laborers     Jan. 1940    1933     Victory Day      
     konuşması    To Youth     to German Youth      Response to Roosavelt     To Workers    1st as Chancellor     Tryumph of the Will speech (English SubTitles)    About Palestine    
     Hohenfriedberg untranslated      untranslated from wax cylinder    Tryumph of the Will (German SubTitles)     On Jeews and Christians (English read by another)    1942 various topics    
            New Schwabinland and UFOs?   Hitler's flying machines?   Surrender of armed forces, not 3rd Reich?  Cold war, still fighting Nazis?   about Women    from Nazi Blogspot    Last Speech   
     Escape to Argentina?           
             Nazi fflag and link to a Wikipedia article about Naziism     hitler's personal standard against the sky and a llink to a you tube video with nice music and color pictures of Nazi Germany     An image of hitlers personal standard laid out on an area of black and a link to a you tube image of this with the sone "Lift High the Flag" playing           
            Horse talk about energy           
         Lightened flag of USA and link to PDF of words to a song called "Lift High Our Flag"  LHOF for Lift High Our Flag which uses the same tune Horst Wessel did in his song "Lift Hight the Flag" and a link to an instrumental you tube version of that tune  Iorn cross in dots and link to words and music of the Horst Wessel Song on a website        
  Anthem of the USA   
           swatika in bloks and a link to a informatiove web page on swatikas         
              Russian Scholar who published the Jewish Protocals and a link to a you tube video about that subject         

               German National Anthem with English Subtitles       
            Clavin ED     

                 If Hitler had won WWII?       
     Hitler Art    Top Secret!   LorL    X      H-escapes?   HxA  HxB  HxC  HxD  HxE   NBinAA?    Invasion!    
 Bunker   Secret Berlin  NinE  AAaNB  Atlantis-1+  NHousing   HSiEs  

     Soviet A Bomb?     
              Hitlers A Bomb?   HB-2   HB-3              
         Japan's A-Bomb?   JAB-2    JAB-3   JAB-4    JAB-5          

        .  Sir Oswald Mosley talks about unemployment in the 1930s and a link to that speach on you tube    Sir Oswald Moslely speaks on the evils of globilization in a you tube video and an image of Sr. Mosley presented here    British Union of Fascists logo and link to you tube rendition of this using the same common tune Horst Wessel did in his "Lift Hight the Flag" marching song    Mosley played by an actor in front of a BUF banner and a link to that Part 1 of a 15 part movie that is flawed Hollywood, but at least a story about Mosley and his desire to right a wrong he saw.     Mosley in a public poster and h is comments on the mess that was England after WWII  .          
               Lady Diana Mosley's image and linked tot he start of a series of you tube clips on an interview with her published on british tv       Interviewer of the second part of the interview with lady diana mosley and others      Unity Mitford, and a you tube link to her and a story about hitler  Unity Mitford and a link to the second in a you tube series about her and Hitler   Unit Mitford and a link to the third part in a you tube story about her and hitler  Unit and Diana Mitford in a nazi salute and a link to the 4th part in a story on you tube about Unity Mitford and Hitler   Unity Mitford and the last of a 5 part you tube story about her and Hitler         
     Germans victorously through Paris and a link to that you tube video of that WWII footage     German Color Guard of WWII vintage and a link to the you tube video showing them.    Germany Military marching in WWII and a link to that you tube video of them    
    C c CW  H-Museum     ruins     Eagles-Nest    Berghof    Kadir       |   Swastikda and a link to a story about nazi prophisies__this replaces a videowhich was withrdawn by its auther-nazi swastika turned on its side and a link to a you tube musical rendition of the tune the germans called the Horst Wessel Song   |     Eva    Eva-doc  Eva-more     Minority-Rule   Patriot  O      
       Judea declares war on Germany, 1933   !    !   How WWII came about.    SOS     Honest Media      Zionism & WWII      Holocaust?   Famous People about Jews.    Holocaust a Lie?    
        Biden on Zionism    Nazi Secrets?     Modem Jews Intolerant?     Questioning Holocaust a crime?    "Holocaust denier"  No bodies?    Exterminations or Entertainment?   Zionism?   Holocaust?  
                 Auschwitz    David Cole     Aliens $ the Third Reich      

       Alien Clues in plain sight          Nazi UFO conspiricy      UFO's denied        Plateaus     ?     Roseell, NM            Best UFO documentary      Aliens what did they come here for?          
            Chaco Cnyon buildings    Satans seed?       Ancient Giants?     dwellers underground?   underground-2    underground-3      Gold in Afganistan     Afganistan Acient Crossroads?     
           Humans over 200,000 years old?         Zoroastrian temples became Islamic Mosques       
      Brother Nathaniel     Chosen People?   Confession of a former Jew     Why Left Judaism    Jewish Genes     Israel's Master Plan    Jewish Banker Confessions?   Jewish Talmud      Jewish ?   
         Immigration    3 steps to Anti-Christ     Mt.Athos Prophecies    Sen. Lieberman    War on Middle Class     Destiny of America   Iran War Cry   FEMA Camps   Food Bill Mark of the Beast? 
           Kosher Foods?    Media Ownership   Jewish Lobby    Who Owns the Federal Reserve B.    Who owns Federal Reserve Pt-02    Fed. Reserve Pt3    9/11 Questions    White Anger or Stupor?
              Zionist Libya Plan?   Obama's masters?    Multiculturalism    Goldman Sachs     Globalization Oligarchs    Symbols of ObamaNation    Obama's Paid Protester?     Silver & Food Riots?        
     Big Brother & your Gold?     Israel Loyalty Oath    Tea Party Zionists?    Jews for Sarah?    Jewish Hit Parade?   Israel's Stacked Deck?    Bernanke's Funny Money?    TSA Scanners
Seats of Jewish Control?    

                   Illegal to share food    Israel killed Kennedy?                   


           Hitler in "My Struggle" speaks of the Jews     H on Jews 1939     H on Jews 1942          Hitler Speech English Subtitles        Jewish "slave trade"?       
         Albert Speer and a link to a you tube video series about him   Hermon Gorring and a link to the you tube German lnguage Hermmand Gorring March   Hitler and a you tube video that promotes him     swastika at Neurenburg party rally grouns and link to website about Nazi party ruins today   German steeple and a link to views of buildings today and as they were in the Nazi era   Hitler giving salute and a link to a you tube website that tells of some good things he did    Goebbels and a you tube about him   Himmler saluting and a link to a you tube video about Himmler and occult things           Tribute to the third positon with a series of imagses of thinkers of the third positon and this one is the first and this links to that you tube by the yellow socialist front    Thule and the German Workers Party, imae is of party button and link is to you tube about the NAZIs    cicle dancing in germany and a you tube about houw good many germans thought they had it durien the 3rd Reicht    Germans marching under hitlers banner and a llink to a you tube video entitled paridse lost   bust of horst wessel and a your tube video with image of him a speach in German about him   Center of Hitler's personal standard (flag) and a link to a You Tube video playing that song with words by Horst Wessel  
   Imag of Eva Braun and you tube link to video about her   Red Skelton from a show he did and a link to that piece on You Tube about the Pledge of Allegiance  Hitler and his dog and a link to a you tube of rare footage  White Genocide and a linke to a you tube video that suggests that the rise in iterratcial dating is white genocide   white woman and a link to a you tube that suggests the race is dying out   A picture of f family tree and a link to a you tube story about the dangers of interracial mixing that weakens the gean pool for whites.  weird animal with human head and you tube that gives a video that says this is true   Swastika and link to you tube video aboaut hitler's religion  

      autonomous socialist front logo and a link to the nazi-sozi pamphlet questions on You Tube as to what National Socialism was to be    Hitler's retreat with guests a uniuqe home movie shot and link to that video on you tube    Hiter speaking about national socialism and a you tube link to a video of some of his speeches.     a corner of the nazi flag and a link to a you tube video series that says it knows what National Socialism was or is    naxi flag and storm troopers and a link to a series of you tube videos abbout the history of  naziism and what it was like   Hitler and Pope Pius the XII and a you tube that talks of Hitler and the Christian Church    Hitler flag over a sunrise and a you tube video about nazi germany 1933-1945    Hitler speaking at a rally and a link to a you tube video about some of these speech clips with translations   Hiter's Head and link to you tube video purporting to tell his views on religion form the yellow front   Berghof and you tube video aobut hitlers place    Hitlers Secretary and link to a you tube video about her   Hitler banner and a link to a you tube video that shows marches of that era.
    Swastika  S-Part2  S-Part3    Secret weapons?    SW-Part2    SW-Part3    More secret weapons?         

        Chairman Johnson of the third position a sort of facist group in the USA in 2010 and link to a you tube video of that convention.   American Third Position party person speaks of the t hird position in a you tube video this links to      fortress to defend the hiden underground city and you tube story about it, part 1 of many   Loading a cannon defending the entrance to Hitler's underground city, and link to that you tube video    A bunker defending Berlin made from an old rail line and line to part 3 of this you tube story     airport over an underground airplane factory and link to you tube story about this      Open bunker opening like many still undiscovered and last you tube video on nazi underground cities        
       German bunker found in Jersy sealed since the British overtook it in WWII and a link to its opening found on you tube        German WWII bunker found part way between east and west Berlin and the drawings on the walls in the linked you tube video             
          Wehmacht-1    W-2   W-3   W-4   W-5            
          Hitler: victory was within his grasp?      Tribute to Hitler?     Third Reich tribute?     The Devil?     
          Holocaust?     Hitler non-flatering?     Hitler as Evil movie?    NG with Hitelr as Apocalypse   Secrets of Nikola Telsa?               

      Nazi Weapons?   -   Third Reich Secrets?   -   Aryan Women    -    Women of the Reich    -     WWII Mysteries?     

    Hitler was right?    Truth will out? 1 &  2    Hitler Facts?    The Last Days fof the Big Lie?     2012 Deception?     Telsa?   Zero Point?    T  
    Filthy Rich billionars?     

       Ancient Discovieries?       From Nexus Conference-2010 K. Donna       

       chariots of the Gods 2?    Americas Secret Beginnings?      Washington DC Occult?     DC full length     Mike Hoggard   

       Nuremberg-A. Speer 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6          AS Good Nazi? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7      Speer-prison-release        
       Albert Speer Visions of Space  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7      Albert Speer 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
        Speer & Donitz 1973                      

      1945V   R-B    B-m1945-1    B-m1945-2        the lost evidence, the battle of Berlin is what the text says and this is a link also to the you  tube issue of the history channel video about the end of Berlin in WWII        Ube   lFb-1     lFb-2     B-s1946   GsO          

  sig saying what is facism with the British Union of Fascists marching in the background and a link to a you tube video called what is facism   Outline of mussolini and a link to the you tube video entitled what really is fascism  MPDC_armed-riot-police and link to you tube video on the 5 stages to fascism  fascism seal on a shield and a link to a you tube lecture on fascism  An American flag with the words superimposed upon it, the 14 signs of fascism in America and a link to a you tube video defining these signs   nazi leader and us presidental cabinet officer and a link to a you tube video asking "who are the nazis now"   nazi flag and upside down us colonial flag and link to you tube video about the nazi pary in America called a secret history    nazi americans link to a you tube about that history, part 2, and an image of a nazi flag   nazi-american-leader and link to the third you tube portion of the secret history of the nazis in America  Image of a Nazi Rally in NYC and a link to the 4th in a you tube video history about nazis in the usa   Rockwell a neo nazi leader in the late 50's and early 60's and link to 5th part of the history of the nazis in the usa   Leader of nazis in the usa in the 1970s and 6th portion in the you tube story about the nazis in the usa   neo-nazi-march and link to 7th part of the history on you tube of nazis in the usa  Timothy McVey and 8th segment in the histoy of the nazi party in the usa  What is Fascism in blue letters on a white oval bordered with red and a linke to a you tube video about what is fascism    

       image of german student being taught to follow their leader and a link to a you tube story about the rise of facisim   Anti-fascism   a red whit and blue flag, but not that of the usa and a link to a you tube series that says it knows who really was behind the 9/11 attacks    neo nazis now and last segment in the history of the nazis in the usa              
     x ed out statue of liberty pictue and a link to a you tube video called 10 steps to facism, the end of America  logo of the Dept of Homeland Security and linke to You Tube 10 steps to facisim and the end of America  The Geniva Convention and a link to part three of 10 steps to Facism and the end of America  Blacwater logo and link to part 4 of the you Tube story called 10 steps to facisim and the end of America  counter intelligence program anacranism and link to 5th part in the you tube story called 10 steps to facisma nd the end of America  Americn spy who's identiy was leaked by our government and a llink to the 6th part of a you Tube video called 10 steps to facisim the end of America  bill 1955 that ciminalizes free speech and link to part 7 of the you tube story called 10 stes to facism and the end of America   Pretty lady by a farm and last link in you tube story 10 steps to facism and the end of America         Naomi Wolf and an interview where she speaks of her book, death of America and a link to that  video   Keith Olberman and a speach on the end of America   American flag surrounded by fences and barbed wire and a link to an interview with Naomi Wolf who says facism has been built more by Barak Obama which will spell the end of America    opening image of don quiote in the you tube video sumarizing Naomi Wolf's book, the End of America    Naomi Wolf at the University of Washington and 10 steps to fascism and Destruction of America and link to that You Tube story  

     Modern Mayan speaks about secrecy and manifesting things on you tube and this links to that talk     What US thought about an invasion by others in 1960's    Naomi Wolf and a link  to her talk about Mass Protests and how they are made ineffective on you tube          
    TTP    YSF    BMt    FfBM   Fbm   F-Dc   signs for el Duce, Benito Mussolini and you tube link to story by Biography aobut him and Italy's nightmare   Mussolini's image form a photograp and line to part two of the you tube story, Mussolini, Italy's nightmare    X-M    AH+BM    Randolph Scott in the movie Mussolini, the Untold Story and a link to the You Tube part one of this story  Villa Mussolini moved into and second part of Mussolini, the untold story on You Tube   BM-h/v   Mus   Mse   Msg    bM-F   BM-d  
Ray Stevens in a blue baseball cap and shirt and a link to his you tube song called "God Save Arizona".   MvsS  HS   WIF   -F    GF   WHF-d Ray Stevens aas an old lady in a funny piee about a squirll revival, and link to that you tube iteem En-S  AbAevil  FR-evil  RonPaul   Ray Stevens in dark cap with logo and link to his you tube song saying thank you to our armed forces.   RP2   RptoO  Ill  NWOx  Ray Stevens in a doctors coat and a link to hiis you tube piece about obamacare  NWOcon  Dv  Bill-J  LSI   TT  Arz  SP-sB  Ray Stevens in a mexican sombraro and a link to his anti illegalimmigration you tube video         
       Who do you trust?    coffins       

      Speech that got JFK killed?      RFK to LBJ why did you kill my brother       Nixon jokes about LBJ killing JFK?    LBK comments on JFK assasination       Reagan on JFK assasination.        
   E.Howard Hunt deathbed talk about JFK assasination   Hunt outs LBJ about JFK death.    JFK, Oswald talked?    Grassy Knoll 1       Grassy Knoll 2      JFK Assasination 2011 find.   
   Body Guard leaves JFK before assasination?       JFK killed because he stopped Northwoods?     SS reconstruction film 1     SS reconstruct Part 2     1st shot, Daltex buidling?   
JFK Assasination do the math 7     JFK Assasinaion sadest video     Famous Suicide Letters     Tragic Death of Celebrities      MASH Theme song       The Character Radar O'Reilly   
   Died before age 20      Murdered Childen      Tsunami    Nibiru?     Doomsday - NASA      NASA - be prepared      World Map after 2012?     Soul leaving Body Pt. 1    Part 2    GOD   
    Metal Books?      Voynich Manuscript      Manuscript Scanned      Solving Voynich Manuscript?      Mayans say a Transformation is Comming      Nibiru Crossing      Obama & AntiChrist       

 Allesandra Mussilini and her song linked to by a you toube video "love is Love"   aM   aMh   aMx  aMflm  aMcn  aMfn  aMsx  aMc   aMc  aMi  Allesandra Mussolini as a politican and link to wikipedia story abouat her  aMflm  aMp aMd WiP  aMfTpp  aMca   aMi2  aMp  aMpdl   aMc   Alessandra Mussolini - cover jacket and a linke to a you tube video of her song called Amai Kioku   
  aM-vs  aM-s2   27-Nov-2009     xxx    MOSep2009      MONov2009    MOimmigrants   8-June-2011    aMf-f   aMi3    
     M-mix    Alessandra Mussolini in a you tube collection of images and link to that video    f1_s&a   Alessandra Mussolini in an official Italian Camber of Deputies phot and a link to that spot on the internet   Feb    An image of the location in the Italian House of Deputies where Alessandra Mussolini sits and a link to an online listing of  the bills she is listed as being the first to sign on to  Alessandra Mussolini joking around on a tv show and a link to that you tube video   xx      

     Kennedy, John F., at a speech and you tube video link to that speach.    Rotschild and a you tube video liink on how banks control governments    Eisenhower and a link to a you tube of his speach to the american public about the armaments industry and business and its dangeers    Thule society and apocolypse, end of the world, prophecies video link   pyramid and all seeing eye and link to you tube video about the new world order   spricket24 on you tube and link to her end of the world video talk    flag and john F Kennedy and link to you tube video about the new world order    Kennedy speaking on dangers of secrecy and new world order        German Eagle in Black with the shields of the various areas that we not call germany and a link to a you tube video of the German National Anthem being sung

                    German flage before the nazis (WWII) and you tube link to its performed and wors in english as well.     German Imperial Flag with iron cross and link to the pre-hitler national anthem sung in German on you tube     Nazi war and state flag and link to that anthem for Germany then.    German iorn cross type of teransiton from one slide to another with a sqastika like application added to it and a link to the German natinal anthem     German Flag now and link to the national anthem for Germany today jperformed as a symphonic rendition instead of a marching tune   German special flag and link to a you tube rendition of the natinal anthem of one verse that is used today   German flag now and link to a you tube video showing the verses including the two that are no longer sung in Germany        
     English National Anthem link and flag of the British Isles and United Kingdom   Canadian Flag and link to You Tube natioanl Anthem .  Europepan Union flag and link to its anthem (Ode to Joy) on You Tube   Flag of the United States of America and a link to a you tube video with all its national anthems verses Betsy Ross US flag of the continental army Field to the right and link to website with all the verses in lyrics   Union of Soviet Socialist Republics flag and link to a You Tube rendition of that anthem    Commonweath of Independent States - what is left of the USSR and a link tot he Russioan National Anthem   French Flag and a link to its national anthem    
    Flag of the Czech Republic and link to a you tube rendition of that national anthem    Polish flag and you tube link to its national anthem   Flag of Israel with a link to a You Tube rendition of this Anthem   Greek Flag and link to You Tube rendition of its National Anthem    slovake flag and the national hymn of Slovakia is presented via a link to a you tube website   flag of Hungary and link to you tube rendition of that national anthem       
       PH      MP                                                                        
        confederat stares and bars and a rendition of a few verses of God Save the South, the confederate anthem on you tube            ussx  The bonny blue flag and a song abuot that flag  (CSA) on you tube at this link (full version)    igxxx    Confederate flag and link to you tube video "shout-shout-the-battle-cry-of-freedom"       
           A   B       H   O   N   E  V   S      51   !     ?    CSA-twilight          
      Image of the United States of America and a link to a you tube presentation of its history in 2 minutes      The world and a link to a you tube video depicting its 1000 year history of wars       
       emblems of the confederate states of america and a link to that anthem on you tube   



Sadaam X


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Pink's upside down question marke and a link to a page with one of her songs and performances that is pure theater on you tube
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Jewish role in world slavery ? HITLER ESCAPED ? !!!

  Madeline interviewed as a hooker in Berlin  

      Human ANCESTRY ?     WHITE RACE      ROOTS of the BRITISH?     Genetic EUROPE?           
       More Islamic Idiocy    
  a picture of a person being hung from the rope of a building crane and the words Evil Islam and a link to a book that shows the atrocities Muslims commit in the name of God.       NA       us map with read and blue state and link to a website aobut this      tomorro belings to me link to page that has it embeded and an image of people featuren a woman and her child which I strangely love or at least like and care for a lot

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